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Round and Micro-Multi-Void

VIP Tooling has over 20 years of experience producing extrusion tooling for the round and micro-multi-void tube industries. Our customers have experienced great success using our patented coated inserts to produce aluminum extrusions.


Coated insert dies have been used in the production of heat exchanger-condenser tubing for many years. These extrusions are usually either a small round tube with a smooth or enhanced I.D. or a flat tube with multiple voids, commonly known as a micro-multi-port extrusion.

Customers have experienced many benefits from using VIP Tooling’s patented extrusion tooling method.

  • Tighter extrusion tolerances
  • Interchangeable parts
  • Reduced maintenance and service time
  • Substantial reduction in tooling cost per pound
  • Inserts do not wear during their lifetime; therefore the profile maintains its original weight per foot
  • Consistent surface finish

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Architectural Shapes

Recently this coated insert technology been successfully transferred to the profile extrusion market. Many profiles have been developed and run with impressive results.

The early development of this technology was performed with relatively non-complex profiles setting a benchmark of success before migrating to more complex profiles. Through continued research and development the range of complexity of the profiles for which these inserts can be used is growing.

There are many benefits customers have reported using our extrusion tooling technology with their shape profiles.

  • No change in weight per foot for the life of the die
  • Up to 10 times the life of the standard Nitrided H-13 die
  • Longer press runs
  • Increased ram speed up to 20% due to reduced billet temperature
  • Improved and consistent surface finish

VIP Tooling has already seen much success developing inserted technology for the shape profile industry. We have been able to build on these early designs and are continually pushing the barriers of what can be accomplished with our patented extrusion tooling methods.